Being Intentional


Wow! 2016 just flew by you guys! I am so overjoyed and thankful for all of you who have supported my blog Dog Tags and Heels and my newest business venture DTH Powerhouse PR which has proven to be a good career move and money-maker. Last year I would not have imaged I would be here. I gotta start thinking Bigger!

And now that the year is wrapping up everyone is talking about resolutions..blah blah blah! That is how I feel about those! I don’t make resolutions or anything like that to be honest. I usually end up forgetting or feeling crappy for not losing the 15 lbs I vowed or reading to my kids every night. The guilt alone kills me!

So, this year instead of a list of resolutions, try something different and come up with a word or phrase. Mine is Intention. I am going to have a purpose in doing all and everything with INTENTION! From my relationship with God, spending time with my family, listening to friends, or even just relaxing; I just want to take it all in and capture moments. For with all busyness of life we forget to smell the roses.

I have really dove into the deep end when I started my business. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and until I found supportive communities. I was lost. I HAD NO IDEA there was this creative entrepreneur world out there. I have really learned so much from each of them. These communities are loaded with inspiration, information, and support to name a few. Here are my two fav Savvy Business Owners and The Rising Tide Society…eye-opening! Having influencers on your side allows you to see a bigger picture in where you want your business to be.

And with 2017 around the corner.

Here are some things that did not work for me in 2016 ; undervaluing my work, that not everyone is a good fit for your business, wearing too many hats can be a disaster, staying busy does not mean more money, and thinking small.

What I did learn; How to say NO, value my talent, collaborate over competition is the best, imitation is the best form of flattery, take out food can be healthy, and there is enough for everyone so why not share and think BIGGER!

I am ready to learn and grow so much more in 2017’s ventures and goal getting. I am waiting for my new planner from She Plans which I fell in love at a Savvy Business Community meet up, so I can start planning away! If you don’t have something to get you on track I encourage you to invest in a great planner it will get those wheels turning and creative juices flowing! You will WOW yourself!

This year there are so many great things coming so make sure to subscribe and stay connected with me on facebook and insta!

I am wishing you a great New Year and an Intentional 2017!

XO, Moni


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