4 Ways to Virtually Purge your Biz!

So we are rounding out the first quarter of the year, WOW! I can’t even believe it. When the new year rolls around first thing that pops into our heads is a fresh start. We get to reinvent, recharge and decide how and what we want to bring with us into the new year. That’s when I take the time to purge. Yes, PURGE! Why wait for spring to clean out the old and make things fresh again! There are just so many things that are cluttering not only our home like closets, unused gadgets and toys. But also our businesses and social lives.

So don’t wait for spring cleaning to clean out – purge now!

Let’s Start with Social Media
Nowadays people add you to a group with a quick click to whatever business venture, party or event they are having. We all love to support and be supported by Facebook friends and family, but we can’t support everything.  Check to see how many of those distribution groups you have been added to and decide on supporting just 1. Check your networking and business groups and see if they offer you value to be involved. If not, scale down. Trust me, this is not only helpful in your personal life but business as well.

Your Network
You have the chance to really change those things you participated in or attended last year that brought no value to you, either personally or professionally. I am not talking about what you are wearing, but what you are doing; how people see you in your life. This means the events you attend, the company you keep and the things you post on social media. Look back and see if those posts are truly how you want your image to be projected, then make some tweaks and adjustments.

Your Emails
Yes you!!! With that little red alert that says 2257!! Oh my gosh the stress that would cause a Type A personality like me. Clean it out! You’ll be able to find those important emails in no time. Start off by subscribing to those mailing lists you don’t want or need in your life. Then head over to your folders and delete ones you don’t need anymore like old accounts that are available to view downloads online, finished projects or events, dated client information.

Let’s Not forget your Desktop I am bad for this one. I have a million downloads of pdf, stock photos and the list goes on and on. Get in there and clean them out. Either create folders specific to them. If it was just something you used once then DELETE BUTTON PLEASE. Life searching for things in your daily biz will be so much easier if you don’t have to scroll thru unnecessary stuff, RIGHT??

Life + biz are all intertwined when you are an entrepreneur running the house hold and working but getting rid of STUFF that clutter your productivity can help make it easier and help you focus more on the groups, emails, and downloads you need to immediately get to everyday that add value to you what your goals are in your biz.


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